One Stop develops and maintains links with government and non government agencies in Dubai for you.

One Stop offers a diverse range of services including:

- Renewal of Trade Licence with Administration

- Employment Visa in Labour, Immigration, Medical, Labour Card and Resident Visa with Administration

- Emirate ID Applications

- Visit Visa from Immigration with administration

- Resident Visa for dependents (Wife, Children, Maids & Drivers)

- Visa Cancellation with Administration

- Renewal of Labour Card, Resident Visa and Administration

- Extension of Visit Visa with Administration

- Renewal of Company Computer Card

- Translation Services from Arabic to English and vice versa

- English and Arabic Typing Service to our clients.

- Further attestation of Certificates Education/Birth/Marriage Certificates and Diploma's within the UAE

We also provide additional services that maybe of some benefit to your company, such as PO Box set up and renewals, company stamps etc.